The Ultimate Guide To Make Money

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 How to Get the Life You Deserve 

Some of us know we deserve a raise, but we don’t know how to ask for the money we should be getting, and we’re terrified of being shot down by the same boss who gives us our paycheck. If that’s you, I’ll show you exactly how to deal with fear and intimidation, and exactly what to say so your boss is excited to pay you more.

Want to diversify your income and make extra money on the side? I’ll guide you through the process, even if you don’t know how to start. Whether you have hundreds of ideas and don’t know which ones people will pay for or have no ideas at all.

Do you dream of starting an online business and making money even when you aren’t working? 

I’ve launched almost a dozen successful products, and I would’ve given anything  to have access to the strategies and secrets you’re going to learn now.

I’m happy to share some of the systems I spent over a million dollars developing so you can earn more money and slash your workload, save months or years of frustration, and skyrocket your success much faster than you’d imagine. For FREE. Why? I give away 98%  of my material, and I know that by helping you achieve Big Wins and making my free material better than anyone else’s paid products, you’ll join thousands of other readers who’ve gained so much that they became students for life.

Who is this Guide for?

▶ If you want to ask for a raise and get paid what you deserve, I’ll reveal the strategies thousands of students have used to boost their income for life.
▶ If you’d like to make more money on the side or online but don’t know where to start this guide is for you.
▶ If you’d like to build your income using skills you already have, I can help you get there.

My team and I have spent over 10 years refining our money-making systems so you can get results faster. It won’t happen overnight, and it will take work (never trust someone who promises instant results without work).. …But you’ll have the exact roadmap so you can quickly join thousands of students who’ve used my systems to get more money, more freedom, and more fun for the rest of their lives.
It all starts with changing your psychology so it’s easier for you to succeed.

How to develop a money mindset

I’ve never felt more invigorated and alive than I feel right now. And it’s not because I’m doing well financially (although that helps). It’s because I’ve made my living by helping other people  earn more money, share their passions, and learn how to achieve mastery.
And it all started when I freed myself from the shackles of frugality.

The high Price of Frugality

Have you ever read a frugal living blog? Some of these people spend hours making their own laundry detergent and cutting coupons to save $10, maybe $20. They aren’t interested in earning more money because they’ve found hundreds of ways to chip away at their “excess” spending.

People who live frugally will wait 5 months to check out a movie from the library, so they can save a few bucks versus going to the theater. They pass up seeing the movie on opening  night with their friends, then yell when their friends accidentally tell them a spoiler. Half a  year later, they mention the movie over drinks. 

How Frugal People Behave

▶ Going out to eat?
They recommend you skip the appetizer at your favorite restaurant, even though
you’ve been salivating at the thought of that dish for days or weeks. You could put that money into your 401(K) instead.
▶ At a bar with friends?
Say no to another round of drinks, they tell you. You shouldn’t even order a second drink don’t you know they cost less money at home? And forget about buying a round for your friends and hanging out till the bar closes, then taking a cab to the after party.
▶ Is your house an Easy Bake oven during the summer?
It’s not 90 degrees inside yet. So make sure you carry the fan with you when you switch rooms because the air conditioning shouldn’t come on until there’s a heat alert.
▶ Going shopping?
Spend half your Saturday driving around town to save $5 or $10 on groceries, and plan your shopping so you might save $1.50 on gas.
▶ Planning a vacation filled with incredible memories that’ll make you smile a decade from now?

You should stay at home instead. Or find a godawful plane ticket with 2 connecting flights so you’re exhausted when you arrive, then stay in a hotel in the boondocks and forget about the paragliding or fancy restaurant or night of partying you’ve been dreaming about since you were a teenager.

You can spend your life feeling disappointed when you have to say “no”... no to exciting opportunities to explore the world, expensive things that make you happy, and freedom to spend time with the people you love.

Or you can learn how to make more money, so you spend less time choosing how to spend your money and more time to enjoying it. And the best part is, there are proven ways to do it.

Just “Trying harder” doesn’t Work here’s What does Have you ever noticed that we make most of our really stupid decisions at the end of the day? If you’ve ever done something you regretted after going to the bar, watched YouTube  videos instead of reading or actually talking to people, or eaten a late night bowl of ice  cream when you’re trying to lose weight.... you know how much of a struggle it is to do the  right thing after you’ve spent an entire day trying not to screw up.

Researchers now know why this happens, and it isn’t your fault: blame willpower.

Willpower is like a muscle, and each time you have to make a decision, you deplete some of your willpower. The more decisions you make about things like which groceries to buy, or whether to take a cab or save money by walking, the less willpower you’ll have for focusing  on what’s really important.

This is crucial because the research shows that making more choices, like focusing on frugality, limits your ability to land the Big Wins that can dramatically change your life.

I’d like to show you how to “trick” your willpower so you can focus on making more money and  never have to budget, give up things you love, or waste your energy on saving a few dollars.

I’m not going to give you a “Top 10” guide to making money or spoon-feed you motivational quotes about “following your passion.” Because if you’ve ever been to a motivational seminar and felt ready to take on the world then fallen right back into a rut a week later you’ll know that motivation doesn’t help us succeed, either.

Instead, you’re going to learn my systems the exact action steps, word-for-word scripts, and other frameworks thousands of students have used to automate success.

You’ll discover how to make more money, so you can live a Rich Life. You’ll stop  worrying about bills and having to choose between things you love. You’ll start making more money and being free to enjoy more of your time with your family and friends.

And you’ll have the exact step-by-step plans to get Big Wins and start creating a life you only dreamed of.

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